Friday, March 29, 2013

Blizzard 2003

Below this post is more photos from the Blizzard of 2003. We started in Queens and made our way thru Manhattan a bit before we ended in Brooklyn. Albin knew a girl that said we could sleep in this old church, our pants were soaking frozen wet so we thats the reason why we are chilling pants-less (something I should point out before I hear annoying comments about being in a church with your pants off HA) Anyways, I found these sifting thru negatives for a show I'm in on April 4th at the Reed Space (151 Orchard) I forgot this night in 2003 even happened. Those negatives don't lie we were on some weird shit with a backback full of beers and a blizzard out there.

Digging through some old negatives.

These are all from one day in 2003 when a blizzard hit New York. Looks like we were hanging on a lot of elevated tracks at the time in Queens off the Boulevard of Death and also in Brooklyn by Smith St. We ended up in some old abandoned church at the end of that night and I got those negatives too. We must've also popped inside Max Fish and hung with old buddy that I haven't seen for a while Daniel Jackson.

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