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"Look, I'm running a little late man, I'll be there in a minute." Aha, I bought just enough time to pop in this deli and grab some Newps, some cash, and some anti-radiation. Because you never know. STOCK UP NOW!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009



Someone extremely important to me taught me that if you really want something, and you think about it enough, eventually it will come true for you.
I was stuck on the most disturbing flight in history, full of a rainy takeoff, thunder, lightning, a lightning fireball flying past the window turning heads with ooh's and ahh's and myself turning white and the flight attendant asking me, "Sir, are you alright?" I couldn't even look up, as a non religious person denouncing all faiths I ran with my tail between my legs and began praying.
Oh well, this is it.
She asked again, the consoling type, with her hand on my shoulder, the only good part of the flight thus far, "Sir, are you feeling well?"
How could she be so calm as the flight jiggles around bouncing up and down and literally dropping, my stomach in knots.
"Umm, yeah, yeah, fine."
But I could feel my face paper white, and even the fat guy across the aisle was staring at me, I couldn't look anyone in the eye.
We were jiggling so much I began playing drums with two pens, as to take my mind off the disturbance and pretend I was bopping up and down out of my own free will.
We eventually evened out above the clouds but my stomach never recuperated.
I had my camera out, not the best film for a daytime flight being that the sun was out and it was loaded with 1600. Ouch!
And nothing noteworthy to point down at.
We were en route for La Guardia, a few hundred feet from the ground, our landing gear down. If we could just circle Manhattan I'd be happy.
"Prepare for landing," over the speakers and we were buckled in, soon I'd be eating a beef empenada dipped in spicy green salsa.
So close to the ground I could read a license plate and the plane erected straight back into the air drastically and headed towards New Jersey.
Headed for a building? Straight to Chechnya where we are being kidnapped by thugs for ransom? The worst of thoughts I tell you!
After evening out the captain calmly told us we were tailing a flight which was taking it's sweet time on the tarmac, "We will be making a complete circle of Manhattan and then back towards La Guardia shortly.
I got some shots off.
After an empenada and a plantain, I was back in tip top shape.

A whole lot of headstones.

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Live show on Thursday night. How ya like my doo-wop chick???


Could've been '95 or '96? A cool, calm, and collected Reggie Destin can be seen illuminating the foreground. I've always been a really big fan of throwaway camera's because you can lose them or break them or throw them at someone and not care much about the loss, I ran through three of 'em that day and got some treasures.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Yep, it's 7am, and everyone walking through it is miserable, but the sweet smell of spring is just around the corner.