Tuesday, September 18, 2007

not really around


Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Dave Ruta Backsidenosebluntslide. Sorry this really old film photo I took looks like a video grab. Whoops.

Another not-so-great photo but the personality of one Mr. Snot stands the test of time as he destroyed Lower Wacker with the best of them.

The Hole was the only place where cute American Apparel looking girls took pisses with the door open, probably because it's the only bar I've ever been where there was no door. Anything went and I have no clue who this kid is but it certainly says something about an establishment when you can just stand on a table in front of everyone and...

If you are going to abandon your car, do it the right way. Parked ass backward against a cemetary wall near a bunch of expressways with one window shattered, a ticket behind the windshield wiper, two crumpled tickets on the inside floor, and a bottle of unopened B12 in the glove compartment from GNC. (A drinker? Sherlock Holmes?)


These woodies are going for sale. Any serious buyers can email me at jimmy@thankyounyc.com. Serious inquiries only, so that means don't email saying you got seventy-nine dollars and sixty-three cents.
This will be the only posting of this nature ever, so get on it!


I got an oil change on the Marquis, as requested by Mr. Principe, and with it came a free car wash worth 8.00 bucks. The last time I got an Oil change I never used the free car wash coupon and I still think about it and get so angry at myself. Pretty cheap.
So I'm driving down the street and see more than a thousand guys sleeping in tents, playing football, drinking hard liquor etc. I walked over
"Uh, hey. Hello. Um, I work for a newspaper and I was sent over here to ask a few questions before I come back with my camera later on."
"We are all protesting women's rights."
So I walk further down the block and ask a couple others and got the scoop that these were plumbers waiting to get into the Union.
When I had walked over it was Monday. (Labor Day) And hundreds of them had been waiting since early Wednesday.
It was basically a party. People offered me beers, hard liquor, burgers, pizza they'd had delivered.
The thousand people zizagged up and down five different blocks around the Plumbers Union office just shy of Queens Blvd.
When I came back with my camera the second time I remarked, "Hey, I work for the paper, I'd like to ask a few questions." and this one guy says to me, "Shit, they hiring?" And of course everyone erupted into massive laughter.