Saturday, June 23, 2007


Peep the Marquis, lookin' perdy!

Sensei Gallery Photo's

Thanks to everyone who made it out!!!

Nish literally slept through this photoshoot.

Joe and Izi, the staples of Sensei Gallery at 34 east 1st street.

Little Caroluchis strikes a pose.


Justin came out and looked like a real champ. He was especially psyched when he somehow talked a crachhead into selling him a moped for 50.00 bucks! Well, maybe he didn't really talk anybody into anything. But he sure made it seem like a steal, then I saw the thing and it was brand new. Bizzare.

I dropped the camera one second before taking this photo while juggling drinks, pens, and other amenities (sp). A direct result of the crummy print. Ingrid and Ethan. Ethan, "Hey, let me buy that poloroid for five bucks." Me, "Ahh, ok, sure." Ethan, "I'll pay you later." Me, "Ahh, I think I'll keep it."

Steve Nish and Rila hanging out in front of the spot.

Man, this guy came into the show like a hurricane looking for a fight. We made a compromise that I would take his picture and draw him. He told me his name 67 times but I forgot it. Whoops.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


If your in New York on June 22nd you should definitely come check out this show.
This drawing still has a long way to go, I'll guess you have to come and see it in person to see the finished version.


Nish goes big, stopping this lady in her tracks.

It's a mid-day holiday.

Making homemade beer is cheap and leaves you feeling good without the hangover from all the nasty preservatives. Cheers to that.

Brueger breaks out a mid-day Jameson to ease the bottling process.

Monday, June 18, 2007

I got a feeling, it get's me on my toes, oh yeah.

Sometimes after a long day at work it feels like a big hassle just trying to get through the front door.

Walking through the park in June and being allergic to Bee's can be a bit scary sometimes. I screamed like a little bitch and these superhero's jumped out of the bushes and nabbed the old buzzer for me. Thanks guys.

You know why Dan's smiling, he's got a cold Bronson.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


My main dardy Clint. A field of optimism unrestrained; a field of jerks trying to hold him back couldn't stop the sunroof he's about to install in my '89 Marquis on Monday.
Be sure to check back for the installation process which will be a two-part dynamic duo of junkyard blues and some woozy midnight welding.

Friday, June 15, 2007


While in Paris I spotted this little girl doing the dishes in the kitchen while I walked to the bathroom. I thought it was hilarious, she had the rubber gloves and the soap out and everything. I know, I should have included the gloves in the photo.

Her mom was pretty amazing, she ran the whole restaurant herself cooking all the food and serving and running all the drinks. A nice little out of the way spot.

Monday, June 11, 2007

I've been working on the drawing in the background so I've been lazy. It's gonna be at a show in a couple weeks.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Monday, June 4, 2007

This was a good fourth of July party. I got some free hot dogs and almost got hit in the head with about five screaching weasels. After the party was the after party.

Horribly Boring artsy-fartsy kinda stuff is funner to do than it is to show anyone.

The Voice of the Ghetto probably jumped this turnstile, I can almost guarantee it.

When you have nothing else to do and no one will answer your phone calls because everyone's a lame-o when it's blizzardish outisde, don't sit there and ponder anything. Go get some of Grandpa's old cough medicine and try to find Ghost Dog.

You'd think that a rap star with millions of dollars could make some sort of a dent in the Republican Party's stronghold but in the end it ended up being just another thing for the Republican's to laugh about over Gin Gimlet's with thousand dollar lime truffle wedges.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Prince climbs his way up the subway beams like it's Super Mario Bros.

Did you ever notice every single person in the O.T.B. is always so depressed? It's because they win two dollars every once in a while after spending about nineteen hours betting a week.

Friday, June 1, 2007


I know I shouldn't put this on here, it's irrelevant to the rest of the semi artsi-fartsi 35 millimeter film that I spend far too much money developing just so I can have one good exposure per roll. I gotta go water my watermelon or else it will be dry. Sorry.


A San Fransisco gem. This girl party'd a little too hard and let the dog's out right there in the Castro. Her friend watched in bewilderment, I was the jerk like, "Ok, stay still, don't move, ok perfect."

Purchase an air conditioner before it get's too hot, trust me.

A lot of people having a really good time, I probably lost the actual polaroid.

This is in the basement of a restaurant I used to work at. The girl had a kid and I never saw her again except once I bumped into her five minutes before my roomate broke his ankle real bad trying to kickflip up a curb. I never wanted to see her again fearing she was bad luck. The asian cook is Yung, he got fired from the restaurant for freaking out and screaming with a knife. But he was the coolest dude ever and made food for me and a few of my friends and kept pushing beers on us even after the rest of his family came home from some Jehova's Witness gathering after midnight.
Last Sunday I was in Chinatown and I screamed outside almost every door in the middle of his block, "Yung, Yung, Yung." Maybe I was on the wrong block. Brueger and I couldn't remember his address.

More of the Hobo Stew roast on the east river.

Pat Washington does a kickflip at Third and Army when you could still lift the little trap door thingy and just stick a rock under it. I'm sure Third and Army is pretty beat up these days but when I shot this photo it was perfect, and nobody was there but a couple fisherman and some bus drivers drinking a Welch's grape soda or two.
Trevor Prescott can be seen filming in the background. R.I.P. Trevor Prescott.