Saturday, May 24, 2008

Friday, May 23, 2008


Are you that person thats like "It's Memorial Day?"
Yeah, me too! I never remember any holidays.
One time my sister called me and was like, "Thanks for calling me today, you JERK! It's my birthday."
Of course I acted like I knew, "I know I know, I was just about to call you, Happy Birthday!"
I ran out and got a quick present and mailed it out, figuring I could blame the late delivery on my cheapness with the day rate.
I get a call a couple of days later and my sister calls me out again, "I got your present today, it's great."
"Well, I told you I hadn't forgotten!"
"You're such an idiot. I was joking, my birthday isn't for five months."
In effect, she got lucky that year with two presents.
So, yeah, one of these days I will begin trying to remember all these holidays and birthdays.
But for now, forgetting is so much fun.


The next big thing in Journalism is this kid. He's already interviewing World War II hero's about blown-up knee caps and crawling for twenty-four hours through the sludge while other little kids clamor for the Wii fit.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Remember when you were a little dorky kid and the cool guy in the neighborhood was like, "Hey, you wanna join the Bush Club?" And you were like, "Hell yeah!" and then he shoved you face first into a bush and everyone laughed wholeheartily at you. With stiff bushes like these I could have bounced off and pushed the cool kid to the curb.
(Yes, those two in the back are standing on a bush.)

Friday, May 16, 2008


Has anyone heard that song coming out of everywhere, "I wanna make love in this club." Or at least thats how the chorus goes. Now every song has one slick ass nice-guy R&B dude and then out of left field some demented rap hook comes in. How can I not drive down Roosevelt Avenue, wheel my windows down and laugh about this? Have you heard the lyrics. Just sit in a room by yourself and blast the song and listen to the lyrics from the guest appearance. Nobody could have predicted this.

I have been taking plenty of photo's, just going through one of those -why-does it-even-matter phases. Which should be over by Monday.

Everyone clap hands, The Beast somehow manned up and let my friend Dave take ten thick-ass staples out of his head just seven days after bouncers beat him down hard for "accidentally" ( Though I know in my heart he did it for kicks and enjoyed the beating in some weird way) breaking a window with his skateboard.

A couple words of advice: Always say "Yes, yes, of course, yes." Even if you don't know what the hell you're doing, and then learn as you go along. I haven't always followed this but I'm not scared of failing anymore.

People/Things you should look up to from scattered categories: (AKA a bit of a rant; written in response to people telling me I should put up something new) William Saroyan. Your Grandma; the only person who will say , "Where the hell is my letter," and mean it. English Dan the barbarian. AMS & Joe Sikora for sticking through with it. THE DARDY'S. All these new skater kids that "get it" at such a young age, I'm jealous of how good they are and excited more than ever like a fourteen year old that skateboarding is in a better place currently then ever before; extremely jaded people wont like this comment. Camilo Jose Vergera for creating "The New American Ghetto." EARSNOT. Every teacher I ever had that told me I was an idiot. Kids wasting all their money for the newest designer shoes and shirts, you did all the others a big favor by not looking anything like you. Eugene Richards of "Dorchester Days" for taking the kinds of photo's that make a difference in my eyes. The solitude of a quiet Queens night for keeping me sane. The new AWS video giving me more inspiration than I've had since Stereo's "A Visual Sound." ELLIS G. TEMPER. JARE.17. Every new Ruta that I ever met. My roomate the Beast who has been beaten so many times in the head this season by different people and still laughing about it. CAROLUCHIS. Billy Rohan. Nick Jaskey. Steve Nishimoto who just got catapulted by a hit and run motorcycle. Scott Bourne. Ben Godfrey. Greg Hunt, a true believer in documentation in it's many forms. Route 1- Pacific Coast Highway. So sick and tired of painters and their cute "phrase" pieces. The fat guy with the glasses that plays the tambourine in the Turtles. UPRISE. That R.E.M. album "Fables of the Reconstruction" is the freakin weakin'! I was polishing silverware at some snob-nosed eatery on Gansevoort Street and Michael Stipe was eating a cheeseburger with his la-la-la friends and I was all, "Fables of the Reconstruction is one of the best albums I have ever heard" and in a really awkward voice he goes, " Mmm, ahh, thank you." But then the next week I was through with that job and out of nowhere at the end of a shift say, "All right, I'm done." and they go, "Sounds great see you tomorrow." And I say, No, I'm done-done." I still laugh about that to myself. Every kid that doesn't have a track bike, except I can tell that kid Masson (spelling) has "hella" style. Mark Gonzalez (obviously). Rebel, because he is the best and sincerest momma's boy, and also the leading authority on rap music video's. "Moonriver," Oh dream maker, you heart breaker, wherever your going I'm going your way. Jack LaLanne. PinkSmith. Kech. John Cardiel just for the enthusiasm in the way he talks. R.Kelly and Kool Keith for knowing that their psycho-ness cannot be duplicated and like any good artist they would do it if they were in the gutter anyway. All the photo-nerds who know everything about cameras but take really boring pictures. What the next step in hip hop, Beyonce singing a duet with Gnarles Barkley about gangbangs? Inquiring minds would like to know. My mother, the only person capable of watching "Murder She Wrote" in bed, doing paper work, eating a late dinner, reading a mystery, and painting her nails while explaining death to me. Brendan Bayliss for his humility. John Lennon "If it don't feel right, you don't have to do it, just leave a message on the phone and tell 'em to screw it, after all is said and done, you can't go pleasing everyone." Brian Bisbano for never complaining once about anything in front of me ever. BRUEGER. Dennis Busenitz for proving a nobody could be the best. Dokes and McNulty (If you know you know). Oscar Gonzalez for his functionality and rationality while being caught up in the relationship sandwich. Electric Light Orchestra. A full tank of gas in a Grand Marquis with a coffee in my stomach before ten in the morning on Monday's. Leo Fitzpatrick for being one of the first people ever to buy a print from me and with a baffled look on my face him saying, "It's o.k. you'll sell these and people will buy them." Some artist named Skinner out of S.F. Charlie Papazian for creating "The Complete Guide to Homebrewing." Yuri Shibuya. Joshua Wildman for his earnestness. The Ear on Spring. Michael Perrone. Becky for trying to run me over in a convertible, Annie you owe me for pulling you out from under the bed. The entire Belz phenomenon. The cop who took a cheap shot on my right jaw while I was in cuffs circa 16 years old. Carlos Cortez for taking me under his wing and being one of the best artist/friends I've ever had, REST IN PEACE. Ok Ok Ok, I won't go in too deep like Phil Collins; I would like to hug Friday nights with no one home and no noise and the rain outside.


People spend so much time being busy that they never get anything done. That is not an original thought by me, some writer along the line said it and I forgot how he said it or his name. Nonetheless I recieved a couple calls out of nowhere for a long-due post and all I could come up with is this photo I took tonight at a talent show of a kid singing "Glycerine" with the god given courage that Manowar gave him.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I snapped this while driving down some dirt road in Colombia last fall. It's kind of being used as a time released filler.

Friday, May 2, 2008


I asked everyone for a five on gas and Pat was like, "Uh, well, I bought you that red bull, so I only owe you $2.50." It's rare I don't have a photo on here that I took. The first is by Pat, the second is by Ben.

Pat, going for the gold.