Friday, May 27, 2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Mon Enfance"


It's been a while but I haven't forgotten, my heart still beats for you little darling. Don't for a second convince yourself in your normal state that all is boring or bland. It's a lie and sometimes the only way to sidestep any confusion is to live each day like you're in a foreign atmosphere. I try to do this mentally but I sometimes forget physically. To enjoy the sad frowning crying girl on the street whose brother stole her razor scooter. These are good shots... By any means! While traveling they can make the trip, stuck in the same day to day situation they become bland, almost pathetic. Judge me. Pretend you're on vacation stuck in the same spot. Is that being juvenile or wise? I don't care, I'm going to get an avocado, I know how to take the core out in one stab.



These are some of the last shots from Bulgaria and Paris. I might post a few more of them today or tomorrow as well. They wouldn't leave me alone so I'm putting them up. The girl in the top right is Victoire. I met her on my Flight from New York to Paris before making my connection to BG. She sat next to me. We both drank a bottle of "La Vielle Ferme" 2009 from Ventoux. She told me it was a a shitty wine. It tasted alright to me though.
She wasn't much into new music and we shared headphones listening to one of her dwindling favorites, "Mon Enfance."
We ended up hanging out my first night in Paris and as you can see it was a strong crew. Enough so that later that night sparing many details in between Scott was slapped so hard by an Irish woman that he literally flew out of his chair smacking his head on a stool feet away.
A great night indeed.


Yep, it's true... We all chipped in and bought Jordyn some dresses before one show.