Friday, December 14, 2007


When he was handing me the sealed envelope it was like that Alex Olson song in the new Lakai video, "You used to be so beautiful..." Then I opened it up and saw the week little sum I would still be taxed on, "And now your gonna die die die die die."
The last possible thing I expected before Christmas is getting royally screwed by my job. My Christmas bonus was literally ninety percent less than it was last year, and I worked three times as hard. There aren't going to be too many posts from here on out until the new year. I need to distance myself from photography.
It probably wasn't the best move to call in with all my vulgarities and scream at my boss.
Don't let this happen to you. If you worked your ass off and get screwed and don't say anything then they'll keep taking advantage. All I needed was a good excuse, now I have one.
Of course it's demeaning when he tells me this and that about when he was my age and he was a little broke and he had to sell his guitar but realized twenty years later when his father was sick that Christmas isn't about money, it's about family.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I screamed in my head and told him I had to get off the phone.
All the meanwhile I had two friends outside my car with the windows getting foggy and the doors locked.
Give me a Goose Island, I'm out.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


You know your girlfriend is rad when she slices you with a razor blade. Congrats on the homemade butterfly stitch, you're like Swayze in "Road House."


It is nasty outside. Luckily I put on my spiky snow tires the other day on the Marquis or I would have surely gotten into an accident. Snow tires are a must, I highly recommend them for anyone with a car near snow.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Wasn't too hyped on his bloggable exposure.


So it must be mentioned that I had some drinks on Sunday night but I got home safely and ended up watching half of "Enemy Mine" (An epic movie for those who knew what was happening when the Bears won their last championship and a severe disappointment for anyone oblivious to it.) I woke up feeling sincerely ill, stiff body aching, headache from hell. I felt like I'd guzzled a bottle of Nighttrain with a bunch of flu'd up bums on the Bowery.
Of course I made the serious mistake of agreeing to do some photo assignments because I need the work, even though I'd already puked a good number of times.
What I had can be called double trouble. Waking up thinking it's a hangover, but it's actually the twenty-four hour flu.
My first public pukings were shy and timid like a little boy on his first day of school. Ducking into the dead end near 120th street and 135th avenue In South Ozone Park while on assignment and opening my car door. Until some screw-ball pulled up right behind me with his car running and was just watching me. Creepy.
But after my second assignment and stuck in traffic, stomach violently thrusting, I had overcome that shy-ness and would just pull out of traffic near any old curb, open my door and let the world see the sickness within me come out. Bile and foamy, teeth feeling disgustingly chalky. Headache still getting worse at three am on Tuesday morning. Ouch is the word. I couldn't take any alkaseltzer because there was absolutely nothing in my stomach. Rough days.
So don't share any glasses with anyone and wash yo hands thoroughly because there's some kind of monster twenty four hour flu going around. YOU DO NOT WANT THIS IN YOUR LIFE.

Sunday, December 9, 2007


Its bad enough your car is dead and you have to push into a parallel park, but now you got some kid taking photo's right after hitting that doller menu at Wendy's. I've almost perfected the art of someone screaming at me and me acting completely oblivious to it. It really helps if you mush a bunch of words together and make a rainman voice and catch them off guard by saying something like, "Me randy 'gon lollipops with unicorns and Spielbergs." They'll be like, "Ahh, just leave that kid alone and let's figure out where to get a new car battery."

Saturday, December 8, 2007


When I was a little thirteen year old skate grommet me and my friend Brendan used to always write letters into skate companies trying to scam free shit.
We would take the addresses from the bottom of the advertisements, stick a stamp on the envelope and hope something free would come back to us.
He had a professional letter he'd typed into his computer and he would just change the name of the company and sign it but every letter was the same. I wasn't that advanced so I hand wrote each one.
Pure jealousy boiled within my veins when Brendan kept getting free stuff. Some New Deal wheels, a Maple blank board, etc.
Then one day I got a phone call from San Francisco. I guess I had included my phone number as well. The funny thing is I had seen Lavar McBride in Thrashers "Sponsor Me," and I had gotten him confused with Stevie Williams.
So I wrote a letter to Stevie Williams from a "Profile Skateboards" ad saying he was my favorite skater and thissa and a thatta.
Stevie Williams is on the phone with me after grade school saying "I'm gonna send you a board, shoes, wheels," Basically the whole universe to me at the time, even if I had written a letter to the wrong guy and gotten them confused, we're talkin' free product here. Brendan had nothing on this game!
Every day I literally ran home from school awaiting my big glorious box sent strait from S.F., then the capital of skateboarding for sure. (Maybe even still so today.)
Nothing. I talked it up so much around the neighborhood how Stevie was sending me a package, that when nothing came it had turned into a neighborhood joke. Brendan was telling me how he had pranked me and that it was all a joke. I was the laughing-stock of the getting-free-skateboard-shit letter writing universe. Times were tough but I moved along with my head down.
My parents had to scream at me for making phone calls to San Francisco. Who did I know there? How could I know anyone there? Why don't you get rid of that skateboard and start playing team sports again?
I hold nothing against the young Stevie, maybe he wanted his ego stroked, or maybe he just forgot.
My first calls to Profile were normal, they told me he was out skating, I could respect that. After twenty or so phone calls they knew my voice and just hung up. (I eventually hung out with Stevie when he was on Chocolate, he didn't have an i.d. while everyone was in the bars, and neither did I so we hung out, and he was cool as hell. I never mentioned the letter though, I would have been playing myself hard. on the same night Keenan Milton was there and to my amazement he would jump over every garbage can walking down the street and jump over the Chicago Sun Times newspaper stands which are pretty damn tall. Then, after a couple drinks entered his stomach he caught his foot on one of the newspaper stands and took a slam, getting up laughing heartily. I was amazed!)
Then I got one thing back. Eric Dressen sent me one Dogtown sticker with a pen-written note that looked like he had scribbled it in three seconds that read, "Dude, Your'e Super Cool!"
So, walking down Jamaica Avenue and 120th street, I saw some guy in a corvette with a santa hat and thought to myself, Man that dude is super cool!

Friday, December 7, 2007


These days it's hard to tell, I don't know if this kid has never stood on a skateboard in his life or if he's pro disguising himself.

Jump in the station wagon girls we are all going to get manicures and pedicures, my treat.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I don't have time to figure out these strange computer mishaps.


Davey James and I will be throwing down some records this Sunday so make it out if you can. It will be our last Sunday before New Years and then hopefully we'll be doing Thursday's.
Also, Apple Pie of will be throwing a nice get-together tomorrow night at Sweet Paradise (14 Orchard St. between Hester and Canal, 6-9 pm.) I will also be playing a couple records at this get together as well. The usual stuff, Ice-T, Suicidal Tendancies, Stevie Wonder, and then other shit that only old nerdy record losers have ever heard of, like Jack Scott's "Goodbye Baby."
I guess I will not need to be posting this new photo since it's being used as a flyer.
There will be a special offering of Flaming Hot Cheetos to those who take the night up one notch.


Two sanitation workers were rushed to the hospital after throwing away some severely contaminated garbage.This guy's job has got to be strange. He leaves his house in the morning knowing he'll be getting completely dipped in protective gear and handling some serious waste. Ouch.

Monday, December 3, 2007


Walking down the street, lifting my backpack like I'm in a gym. Saw Mr. Afternoon Pajama's and knew I needed a picture. I asked him nonchallantly and his reply, with cigarette and mutt in hand, was kind of like, "Ahh, just get it over with already. Can't you see I'm walking my dog?" I didn't know if that was a yes or a no but none-the-less I got one off.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Gilbert O'Sullivan

I will rarely put up a YouTube but this one was a must.


The beauty of film, is that you can severely fuck up a shot and it might come out great. I love this picture. I don't know how it happened. I did not use some art-school trick or rewind my film. In actuality I dropped my camera, a new little cheap-ass thingy that was 90.00 in the 90's and 25.00 in 2005. This picture is somehow three in one.
We were extremely happy to be getting home one cold night when it was rainy, about 4 am, and these guys came out of nowhere and were along our same wavelength for sure.
If you have a record player and you do not have Genesis "In the Beginnning," then you should hunt that one down. It could save your winter. Just trust me.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


If you click on a photo and it does some weird download thing I don't know what that is, and I hate computers.


Lately I haven't been lazy. I've been something else. A new batch of negatives came in today. I like the majority of them because I was there. I wanted to wait for rent-payment before development. Kodachrome is depressingly a little more than fourteen dollars and takes ten days to develop because it's sent-off to Philadelphia. Look forward to major progress on a non-photo project coming to you soon.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday Shuffle.

I ditched my friends to hang out with these people on Saturday.

Sticking a bunch of microphones into some kids face trying to save their journalism jobs and scaring the hell out of the kid.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Monday, November 19, 2007

the old fashioned way.

The other day my boss called me with some assignments while I was at a restaurant. I had to tell my friend to shut up and act really professional for a second while writing my assignments down on a napkin.
Then the next day he called while I was out to eat again, this time I wrote down some more assignments on another napkin but bunched them both together. My friend was laughing at me because I had them all written out in pen. I asked him, "Well, how would you keep track of it?" He held up his phone and told me he puts all his calender pertaining dates in their. I just don't trust it, I always think I'm gonna drop my phone in the toilet while talking and going to the bathroom at the same time. Something like that is just bound to happen when you have your next big break written in that little digital phone.
For some reason that little story brings me to this picture. Is there anything better than throwing all your money on the floor and counting it and revelling in it. Little Nicky wanted everyone to shut up and be quiet while he concentrated on counting his cashflow.

Friday, November 16, 2007


The new Jay-Z "American Gangster," and anything Electric Light Orchestra.

my quick i don't care post of borings.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Last night, fed up with the world. I jumped off the train at 57th and skated all the way downtown seeing what interested me.
I was pushing along past Strand Bookstore at 828 Broadway and ran in to find William Saroyan's "The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze." I have looked in at least twenty different bookstores in the city and can never find it. I also have this weird thing where I don't like to cheat and order it off the internet. I went into the used section and some Saroyan books were near the top of the shelf, but one way higher, in the wrong section and I got on the ladder and grabbed it.
I opened it up. Words cannot describe the total elation, to my surprise William Saroyan had personally sent this book to a friend in 1939.
I asked the NYU girl in the same aisle "That looks like pen right? Right?" Screaming it practically. She got out of the aisle fast.
To me it was like finding gold. To the sneaker fiend it would be cracking a lock in North Carolina and out falling Michael Jordan's old Tarheel shoes with his YMCA card, or living on Cross Bay Boulevard and having Jack Kerouac's letter to his mother get lost in the mail and sent to the address you live in some fifty-seven years later.
Yes, I found this book, upon the dust covered used section of Strand, and it found me.
Last night, amidst all the elbows on the train ride home I just stared at it.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I watched this guy for three minutes. He would sweep a napkin with his cane onto the curb and into the street but the wind kept blowing it right back into the same spot, he looked super frustrated.

Captain Hook.

I always take one picture when someone isn't looking, just in case they don't let me get one. It's a personal thing, I'll be pissed if I walk away with nothing.


Devs and Sacer getting a little shout out in the Post

Funnily enough I took a photo of the same spot last week and just got the film developed.

Who the hell is PK? Inquiring minds would like to know.

Other people popping up through means of media, have you seen that massive KUMA in "American Gangster," it looks better than Denzel. And if you have a really keen eye you'll notice a Stay High (Whom I interviewed on site) in the end of "American Gangster," when Russell Crowe is walking up the steps in the abandoned building. If you got the ultra good sidewalk bargain bootleg then you can pause it just to double check like me.

Monday, November 12, 2007


Only through hard work and persistence could I have become lucky enough to be dating this little shark suit monster. She is one of the only things that matters to me right now in this lifetime of mine and for that alone I had to show her off to the world. Sincerely, Jimmy


SATURDAY, NOV. 3RD: For breakfast I picked up a Reuben Sandwich for 8.95 at Glendale Diner on Myrtle, it came with two pickles, a really good cole slaw and french fries. This was seriously one of the biggest sandwiches I'd ever seen, the kind that comes with two slices of bread covered six inches high. I tried to turn it into a sandwich but it just fell all over the place. With the french fries stuck to all the cheese I was feeling good for hours.
I wanted to eat the rest of my unfinished Reuben but my girlfriend pulled one of those moves where when she said she was hungry, it meant we are both eating the same meal. Not me eating an unfinished reuben and her ordering something for herself.
So we ordered Indian from someplace in Bushwick: We split Chicken Masala, Chicken Curry, vegetable fried weird things. I spent the majority of this dinner making little naan sandwiches smothered with spoonfulls of currysauce then adding chicken with a dab of hot green sauce.
SUNDAY: Luckily I was sent to cover an assignment that hooked me up with Free pancakes, sausage, coffee, and orange juice. Lunch came to a gross combination of a can of Campbells Pork and Beans, a Meatball Hero, a coffee, and a double shot of wheat grass. I had a late dinner BLT around 2am.
MONDAY: Meatball Sandwich (I know it's kind of gross to eat this two days in a row but it's getting colder.) Chicken soup with side salad instead of french fries. Double shot of wheatgrass. For dinner I split a Chicken Burrito and a Beef Burrito with the girlfriend, as well as Chips and salsa and guacamole.
TUESDAY:Finished Burrotio's for breakfast. Due to work schedule I was forced to grab a French Vanilla coffee way out in the middle of nowhere (Cross Bay Boulevard and W. 10th?!) Lunch consisted of three White Castle cheeseburgers. I told the woman I didn't want a coke but of course went back up after those sliders and grabbed one quick. (Also as a side note, I'm not that impressed with the changes made on in the interior of the White Castle at Metropolitan near Graham in Brooklyn.)
For an early Dinner I had some brussel sprouts with bacon, kimchee, and carrots inside my favorite restaurant MOMOFUKU. I served tables there for a year, like every restaurant you got some dicks and some people that are pretty damn cool. Either way their food reigns supreme for my taste buds. For a vary late night snack I had some Amatyville Striped Bass that my roomate THE BEAST caught while fishing out in Long Island over the weekend. He had sent me a picture from his phone and the thing was bigger than his head. The late night snack consisted of two plates of fish for each of us. The fish was cooked over stove with onion, garlic, rice, hot sauce, an extraordinary amount of pepper and whatever else was in the fridge.
There was supposed to be a hurricane coming out to Long Island but it never hit, just barely a touch. A sliver of the moon was overhead which is the best time to fish off of a shallow salt marsh.
The water doesn't get any higher than your waste.
I put on my chest waders which is basically a wet suit that goes up to your arm pit, a full wet suit is best though because if the water were to go up above my chest and fill the suit I would drown. Thats only really if you step in over your head or fall in a little hole, the secret is to really scrape your feet and feel where you are going to walk; feel the bay.
I get out there about 3:30 A.M. on the night of what was supposed to be a Nor-Easter and I'm fully stocked with my luers, fishing poles, knife, and some beer, all by myself.
I pass a luer called a school bus, it's a little yellow thing with black specks on it, it's traditionally called a school bus to people who know.
I start casting out, walking down the beach hearing splashes, I situate myself right where I hear them the loudest and then I saw them jumping so I cast out.
When I cast out it wasn't necessarily meant for striped bass but they do get very territorial, they become angry. This one spot I would cast and multiple times this one fish would flap it's tail at the luer aggressively. Little fishy getting pissy.
Maybe I'll get a hook!
I stood at an arms length from the school of fish with the pole fully extended and bounced the luer and splashed it as they were jumping.
I watched one fish inhale the luer; the monster, he took it like he owned it and I hooked him. The fishing line I had was weighed for a fifteen pound fish but this thing was much bigger. The stress of the line and it could have snapped and no late night fish, no fish sandwiches, no fish casseroles, nothing.
He starts pulling out, fending for his life, he's getting tired, I'm getting tired. I stuck with him for almost half an hour trying to get him in and onto the shore.
By the time I got him in my arms felt like jello, it was like lifting heavy weights for half an hour.
I get him up to the beach and try to get the hooks out of his mouth. He's flopping around, finally I get it out but he's still flopping for his life. I see a rock and I pick it up and hit him in the head really hard the first time. That didn't do anything, the second time I hit him harder, still nothing. The third time I really reached back and struck him hard to the head and just watched the life go out of him. You can just tell when something is dead.
Because I was in a residentail area where I wasn't supposed to be fishing, I carried him home along the beach and took some short cuts while the sun was coming up. However, you could have a million dollar house, as long as I'm on the shore and not your property you can't say anything to me.
When I got home I filleted it, you take a really long flexible sharp knife and follow the backbone, and the lateral bone, and you peel it off.
WEDNESDAY: I ordered a pizza for breakfast at ten A.M. and was still sitting there waiting for an hour and a half when I called back and cancelled. I was about to order Malaysian when the door bell rang and Pizza Boy was downstairs. Three Slices. I didn't really matter that it took a while for the pizza though because I was engulfed in watching "Under Siege" parts one and two, surely some of Stephen Siegal's best work. Casey Rybeck is the man, of course when your starving for some crappy breakfast pizza you think it's funny to ask yourself, what if the villain was a girl and her name was Stacey Wheatfront? Your brain doesn't work until you eat breakfast and thus bad jokes do occur. Besides, Casey Rybeck's niece is so much hotter than the stripper girl in part 1, especially that shirt she is wearing in the train station in the beginning, blazing! After the Pizza and movies I crushed a can of Campbells Chicken Noodle soup and a double shot of wheatgrass. Dinner: My girl and I went to Momofuku Ssam and went off on Diver Sea Scallops with Lemon Puree, pickled Cherries, and seaweed. Hamachi with Edamame, horseradish, and pea leaves. Satur Farms fried Brussel sprouts, chilies, mint, and fish sauce. Seasonal Pickles, Pork Buns, and the ham plate with mustard and bread. I was still hungry after we left but refused to spend any more money in their. Then like true slobs we went and got an hour massage at one of the cheap asian spots on Grand Street by Lafayette. It did feel a little weird having someone push down on my stomach with all that food inside so I told her to focus on the shoulders and feet for the first half hour.
Thursday: I can't remember what I ate for breakfast that day. Whoops. Lunch: double shot wheat grass, coconut doughnut from Alpha Donuts. Two tuna sandwiches with chopped onions and since I hade no bread I used Corn Tortilla shells and made it like a grilled cheese. Dinner: My girlfiend, who slightly resembles a killer flower, made me some of the best pasta I've ever eaten in my life with sausage, pancetta, fresh mossarella. With a side jar of pickled green beans made by Ricks Picks (slammin!!!) and some Olives. Also A super nice bottle of white.
FRIDAY: Started off with a peach yogurt, banana, and coffee. Ate the leftover pasta for lunch and some more green beans. two coffee's. A red Velvet cake made by Nemo's. I like the red velvet because the icing doesn't stick to the wrapper like the Banana or Carrot cake. After Lunch lunch: ham and swiss hero with everything. Extra oil and vinegar, no salt. Dinner: Tomato , basil and mozzarella plate at the Ear Inn (Favorite Bar in NYC) and a cup of clam chowder soup with bread basket.
SATURDAY: Had work extremely early and ate an everything bagel with cream cheese with coffee. One assignment I had was a bakery's anniversary so everything was free. Three hot dogs, two brownies, two pieces of carrot cake, and these little super mini ham and chesse things on thin crackers. Then half a meat ball hero at Mario's on Metropolitan Ave.
Let it be known I did not include alcohol for several reasons.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hangover Gobblins

After all that Duggans Dew, my Sunday was spent trying to erase this Demon out of my mind.


It just turned into one of those nights.

Yellow Boots.

I was skating down the street, cold as hell, but a little warmed up from the Duggans Dew. I had to make a quick pit stop to take a picture of this hot ass girl with underwear and yellow boots hugging an old white woman.


Sorry Russell, but your book was so homosexual I had to change the title from "Do You," to "Do Me!"

Saturday, November 10, 2007


It's only fitting that after showing some pics of some wreck-shit rebels that I plug my own little dj shit next week.
Thanks to all who made it memorable last week. Sunday night is the new Monday morning.


Evil Dee came out for Devious Dave's party in which he became a year older.

This is a massive line-up. Kech, Devious, Evil Dee, IXL, and Complex on far right.


I didn't really think of the hilarity of it all until this morning when I walked in my room and laughed out loud.
The best way to make your room bigger, get more work done, turn your dinky bedroom into an office, and get your girlfriend really pissed off at you is to throw your bed away. Get one of those egg foam things and a few blankets. When you wake up your just like, "Ahh man, I'm on the floor again." and you just get up. Once it's rolled it gold. I've been on this kick for a couple months and I'm afraid to say, I don't know if I'll ever go back to conventional bedding ever again.


Just heard a vociemail from last night, Albin wanted to know, "Who won the eating contest?"

Friday, November 9, 2007

just a little climbing on an autumn day.

Nothing special, running out the door. supposed to be in Midtown in 26 minutes, laterrrrrrrrr.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

10:30 A.M. Manhattan, Westside.

I continue walking down the street seeing where the little nooks and crannies are popping out. This woman walked and in passing made a polite comment, "Nice camera!"
So of course I made a comment of my own, "Well then, let me get a picture of you!"
Flattered, she pondered it and said ,"Well, how do I look?"
I gave her the only answer possible, "Amazing!"

John Methvin 10:00 AM.

This morning I somehow found myself walking down the Westside before ten a.m. One of those mornings when you just walk into book stores and look, but you don't buy anything and everyone that works there knows that your not going to be buying anything. Usually zines are so bad, but I picked up one called "Crossroad" by Uri Shibuya ( The first picture on the inside cover was surprisingly John Methvin (probably circa 1996 due to the Capital shirt.), someone I've known since I was fourteen or fifteen years old.
I got so excited.
I paid for the last copy, walked out and immediately called him to tell him the strangeness of it all.
The phone rang, mind you it's still pretty early and John picks up.
"John, whats up man?"
"Who's this?"
"It's Jimmy."
"Jimmy who?"
"Jimmy Jimmy!"
I told him about the little zine.
You should check out Uri's work, it really stands out amongst many others clicking away anywhere.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


That is my new job title. I am now employed to drive a private car, for a private family. I pick up the Mr. and the Mrs. and whisk them off to the opera. I have to decide if I want to go white or black in reference to gloves. I'm thinking white. Uptown photo spread should be included sometime soon.

Monday, November 5, 2007


When your young and take a lot of photo's your Mom is like, "Maybe you can start out as a wedding photographer, that way you can make some spare money and still take the photo's you want on the side."
As a young impressionable ego-driven adolescent you'll reply as if insulted. Thinking in your brain, "I'll never do that kind of photowork as long as I live." Pompously laughing off the notion in your brain.
But then, all of a sudden, your going nowhere fast and taking wedding jobs for $25.00
and some free food.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


I'll be playing some records tonight at Sin Sin, 85 2nd Avenue near 5th street. Sorry 'bout the late notice. I'll be playing there every 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month with Stepwell Brueger. Come out and support bad music that should only be played in your living room!

Friday, November 2, 2007

THANKYOUNYC VS. YOUNG PHILOSOPHER, the eatoff of the century!!!

This is just a note to mention that Albin of YOUNGPHILOSOPHER.COM has publicly challenged me to post my eatings over a weeks time starting tomorrow. Are you kidding me? It's getting colder out and that means only hot food and beer. I had two beef taco's for breakfast and a B.L.T. hero for lunch. Your going to eat better and my list is going to make me re-think the whole situation between my stomach and my brain. Read this really quickly like someone's screaming it at you, YOURDEAD!!!.


If you check my site, WWW.THANKYOUNYC.COM you can check my interview with Ellis G. Dude is cool as hell and nothing will stop him!

Thursday, November 1, 2007


After my horrid Halloween entry yesterday, embarrassed and bitter about the use of such lame photography I decided to go out there and be somebody afterall.
These kids were no joke, they wanted to hit me off with a nice puff of Gillette sooo bad, I just got the hell out of there directly after the snappage.

There is something innate and complex about what exactly goes off in the brain for a child on Halloween. They turn into freakazoids. Why else would you be walking down the street and have a nine year old try to pick a fight with you? The little adults come out and rule the streets as seen here!

If anyone knows the name of the song in Mark Baines "Waiting for the World" part, please inform me.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


One time on halloween my friend was a little drunk and couldn't think of a costume but he had three rolls of duct tape and used them all covering his whole body. He couldn't really move and I wondered how he'd go to the bathroom but seeing that silver guying walking all stiff was pretty funny.
Billy Rohan always dresses up as a ninja and skates New York, I think you could even YouTube it, and that's probably as good as it gets too. (As far as skate YouTube's go I've also been feeling the Mark Baines "Waiting for the World" part pretty hard lately.)
Then you got the Kleenex fairy.
Don't be a Halloween pooper, all you have to do is squirt fake blood on gauze and that's considered a costume.
OH AND ALSO! I read last night on the 6 train, that in (I believe) Manchester a guy had gone to a halloween party and had fake blood all over him. Afterward he got on the train all drunk and passed out on his way home. A bunch of straphangers had thought he'd gotten stabbed and was dead so the train stopped and they called the police. Only to find he awoke wanting to eat an Irish Breakfast. I can only dream tonight gets that good!

Monday, October 29, 2007


A couple quotations from an interview I did with Brother Columba. I didn't want to put the whole thing up because it was too long.

THANKYOUNYC: I could see it feeling really great to help someone through a hard period of their life who doesn’t have the means to help him or herself. However it would be frustrating to see someone down in the dumps and not want any help.
BC: You meet that most often with drug cases. Someone really has to wake up and snap out of it and want to change. We’re here to help, the person being helped has to want to take advantage of that and use it as a step in the right direction. There’s this guy that sleeps every night on our steps and it’s way below freezing, we’ve tried to help him and he just won’t go into the shelter. The fact that there’s nothing I can do to help this guy, it’s super frustrating, I’ve tried to talk to him and he’s on crack just self-destructing because literally any one of these nights he could just freeze to death.
THANKYOUNYC: Right, it’s hard to be outside for more than 45 minutes when the temperature is below twenty degree’s, and the wind makes it so much more unbearable. I can’t imagine sleeping in the weather.
BC: We go a couple of times a month between this friary and the Bronx on a midnight run to find people sleeping in the streets. I mean, it’s absolutely freezing and some of these people are out there with no shoes and a thin little blanket. New York has pretty good methods of assistance, if the people want to be helped.

THANKYOUNYC: What kinds of questions do kids ask you?
BC: The first thing kids ask about is the beard; St. Francis had a beard in order to be internally and externally like Christ. Same thing with the robe, people see us and whether they know anything about us at all they know it probably has something to do with God. I went through hell in high school because I was so vain and confused about the way I looked. If you’re a beautiful person it’s in your soul.
THANKYOUNYC: I think a lot of children would be confused about taking a vow of chastity.
BC: Well yeah, that tends to be the biggie. I’ve made a vow of poverty, chastity, and obedience. I tell kids that and five minutes later you see it hit their head, “Does that mean your never gonna have sex?” For me discerning it was the hardest part. I’m never gonna have kids, never gonna get married and have that one-on-one intimacy with a partner for life. That’s gonna be more of an issue when I get older and have even more desire for a family.